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Pacquiao strength revealed!
Baynihan Tayo
By Pancho Dempsey

There have been some accusations going around that Filipino boxer, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, is taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs. These claims are mainly coming from the Floyd Mayweather camp and Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy promotions because they just can’t believe that a boxer who used to fight at flyweight went all the way up to welterweight and got stronger and faster without steroids, they just can’t believe it’s possible.

Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach just laughed at the accusations of Manny being on steroids. According to Roach, Pacquiao’s strength and power comes from not having to cut weight and eating rice and malunggay (malunggay leaves are used in some Philippine dishes for their high vitamin and mineral content) that he includes in his diet on daily basis.

Many poor Filipinos who grew up on the farms or doing hard labor at a young age like Manny Pacquiao, develop a natural strength and power, their body adapts to their environment at a young age making them stronger do to the hardships and exposure to the elements.

When Pacquiao started fighting, he was malnourished, that is why he fought at such a low weight of 106 pounds. When he came to America he was given the proper nutrition and training that helped him reach his genetic potential. When you look at Manny you can see his physical attributes; he has big calves and legs which helps him develop the punching power needed in boxing, he has an athletic build and his bones are strong as evidenced by his wrist and fist size that can withstand the impact from his powerful punches. If his bones were weak his hands cannot withstand the impact of his extraordinary punches on his opponents face or body causing them to break.

His natural speed and agility which he was able to improve through experience, diet and training adds to the power of his punches. In boxing, speed is power. By analogy, in baseball; the faster the ball is the stronger it is that it can break bats upon impact. Now, combine that speed with Pacquiao’s heavy bones, that’s how you develop that extraordinary punching power, therefore, this power and strength didn’t come from steroids or enhancement drugs, it was achieved naturally.

A fighter can take all the steroids in the world but it cannot make him a better fighter, it takes true god gifted ability, great skill and intelligence in the ring to attain the achievements that Manny Pacquiao has in his career. He is guided by his strong belief in God, his desire to please the boxing fans around the world and to give honor to his countrymen. Also, Pacquiao said he has a great responsibility to be a positive role model to the youth and young rising boxers of today and if he used steroids it would go against his principles.

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